Could Vision’s Tie Be a Clue to WANDAVISION?

WandaVision promises to be a story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe unlike any other. The limited series, coming “soon” to Disney+, has given us just one trippy trailer that is packed with numerous nods to TV nostalgia.

Wanda and Vision smiling at the camera in WandaVision trailer


The 1950s sitcom-inspired scenes of the WandaVision trailer, shown in black and white, feature both Wanda Maximoff and Vision in era-appropriate attire. Paired with the typical business suit, Vision wears a dark tie bearing a strange symbol. The geometric shape on the tie certainly could just be a snappy design. But what if there’s more to it? What if his tie is a clue to the inexplicable situation the pair have found themselves in?

While we wait for WandaVision to make its Disney+ debut, let’s look at one more clue the trailer might have left us.

The Symbol

Vision’s tie has a single symbol stitched in the center instead of a repeating pattern. It’s a simple rectangle with two small dots on the outside and two on the inside. Not only is the tie clearly visible in the trailer, it’s even included on the first merchandise for the series, like this tie-in Funko Pop! figure. (Pun definitely intended.)

Vision Funko Pop


The first impression the symbol gives is technological. If you turn your head and look at it sideways, for instance, it looks like a small robot face. Could the explanation for it be that easy? Of course. But with a series that promises to be a precursor to both the Marvel multiverse and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems more likely that there’s something else going on beneath the surface.

Trapped Inside?

The two dots inside the rectangle give the impression that they’re trapped inside. Along that vein, the other two dots on the outside give the feeling that they’re looking in or unable to enter themselves. Could it be that Wanda and Vision are in one universe and the heroes that we know and love are on the outside, unable to reach them?

Wanda looks confused


There is an overall sense of dread in the WandaVision trailer. The appearance of the baby twins, a nod to the long and tragic history of Wanda and Vision in the comics, certainly adds to the impression that something otherworldly is happening here. Whether it’s the result of Wanda’s unique abilities or a weird side effect of The Snap remains to be seen.

Or Plugged In?

What seems more likely is that the symbol on Vision’s tie represents a plug. Computer cables, for example, usually have holes in the middle and two screws on the outside. Those same shapes are reflected in the tie symbol. Again, this could simply be a nod to Vision’s robotic nature, but let’s take it one step further. What if Vision himself is plugged in?

Vision pauses while holding a fork


We don’t know what happened during the five years after Thanos snapped his fingers. Vision’s body, obviously damaged but not completely destroyed, could have been retrieved and kept safe by the Avengers when the dust settled. Once Shuri and the other great minds of the time returned after the events of Avengers: Endgame, could Vision have been plugged in and repaired?

Because of the comic history and characters like Kathryn Hahn’s witch appearing in the trailer, it’s been easy to assume that this universe has been created somehow by Wanda. But it could be Vision’s unconscious state as he’s being repaired that we’re seeing play out on screen.

Speaking of Comics…

We know what you’re thinking. A tie is just a tie! At most, this is just a nod to the destined-to-be classic series by Tom King, The Vision, which also put the android in a suburban setting. But that tie bears a very different, but familiar, symbol.

Tom King's The Vision


WandaVision will certainly keep us guessing until the series premieres in the coming months. We can’t wait to find out the answers to these questions—and many more!—when we’re finally reunited with Wanda and Vision once again.

Featured Image: Marvel

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