WANDAVISION’s Halloween Costumes Get Collectible Statues

One of the coolest moments in WandaVision for Marvel Comics fans came during the Halloween episodes. In those chapters, Wanda Maximoff and Vision wore homemade versions of what fans know to be their superhero outfits from the comics. Longtime Avengers fans squealed with glee seeing Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in their classic costumes at last. Even if those costumes were a little more DIY than we imagined them.

Now, fans can immortalize this classic WandaVision moment with a pair of high end 1/10 statues from Iron Studios. You can check out images of these detailed collectibles right here:

WandaVision Wanda Halloween statue from Iron Studios.

Iron Studios 

The Scarlet Witch 1/1o scale statue features Wanda dressed in her comic book Scarlet Witch look, wearing a leotard and boots with red gloves and a cape. The statue captures the moment we see Wanda walking down the stairs of her home in suburban Westview. Ready to celebrate, she describes her costume to her family as a “Sokovian Fortune Teller.” You can pre-order the Wanda Halloween Version statue for $139.00 by clicking here. It ships between July and September 2022.

WandaVision Vision Halloween statue from Iron Studios.

Iron Studios 

Just like Wanda, Westview’s resident synthezoid/dad is wearing a costume similar to his comics incarnation. Only described by Iron Studios as follows: “with most characteristics of cosplay, in a more laid-back way, with sports shorts, sneakers, and yellow socks.” At one point, Vision even compares the ensemble to that of a Mexican wrestler. And we really can’t disagree. The Halloween Vision 1/1o scale statue is also up for pre-order. He’ll set you back $139.00 and has the same shipping window as the Scarlet Witch figure.

Wanda and Vision's Halloween costume statues from Iron Studios.

Iron Studios 

No word yet on if Pietro/Quicksilver (“Fietro”), Billy, and Tommy will get the statue treatment. But we’d love to see the entire WandaVision Halloween versions come out in statue format. To check out more Marvel statues, head on over to the Iron Studios website.

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