Let Your Cat Camp Out in a Tiny Tent

From deciphering why they’re super weird to what their meows mean, scientist continue to try and do the impossible: figure out what is going on with our cats. Our temperamental feline friends are not exactly open books. But we are. And if there are two things we love in life its our kittens and tiny versions of things. From food and dioramas, to marble machines and Yodas, we adore miniature versions of stuff. Now one company has combined both of those passions. They sell little replica models of tents designed to house our cats.

Let Your Cat Camp Out in a Tiny Tent_1

Tiny Tents

Tiny Tents (which we first heard about at Technabob) says it “was born from a dream.” That dream? To make miniature working tents for cats. (Good dream!) But these are not just adorable looking models. The 12-inch tall tents have “all the features and functionality of a regular-sized” tent.

Weighing just 9.5 ounces, the polyester tents come with: two zipper side doors with zipper windows, zipper mesh windows on both sides “for ventilation,” a removable rainfly, a tarpaulin floor, interior stash pockets “for stowing really tiny accessories,” and a mesh stargazer roof. The company also says their feline abodes pack down “significantly smaller than all other tents on the market.” That’s easy when the tent “comfortably sleeps zero” people.

Tiny Tents for Cats Are Exact Miniature Models of Real Tents_2Tiny Tents

In total these micro tents measure 18 x 18 x 12 inches, with 2.25 square feet of floor space. They also include plastic tent poles “with elastic connection for easy setup,” as well as a storage/travel bag. While the tents, available in both blue and green, are currently sold out on the Tiny Tents website, you can order one through REI. They also come with an unexpectedly tiny price of just $20.

We’re surprised buy that price because, even though this is a little tent without a lot of fabric or materials, we’d be willing to pay a lot more. We don’t understand our cats, but we love buying tiny little things for them.

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