Andy Samberg Is Hosting a Tiny Foods Cooking Show

TV fans can’t seem to get enough of competition shows, especially those involving tasty treats. There are plenty of series to choose from, like Sugar Rush, featuring top-tier chefs who can whip up a massive cake, or Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge, where creative meals come together in record time. And, there’s also Nailed It!, which features regular people who don’t quite measure up in the kitchen. But the streaming service Quibi is putting a big spin on cooking competitions in a small way. According to Variety, Andy Samberg will host Biggest Little Cook-Off, where the goal is to make very small creations.

Here’s what the former Saturday Night Live cast member and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star had to say about this “dinky” food adventure:

“Anyone who knows me knows I love dinky stuff. So when this show about dinky food came my way I said, ‘I like the dinky food,’” said Samberg. “I’m excited to bring my expertise in dinky things to the dinky cooking arena, and I’m also excited to bring a bag lunch, because the food is so dinky I’m for sure going to still be hungry after the shows.”


Hopefully he will never forget his lunch because a rice-sized snack definitely won’t ease his hunger pains. Each Biggest Little Cook-Off episode will feature two chefs who will go head-to-head to complete a bite-sized culinary challenge. It could be making a hearty meal that fits on a coin-sized plate or something sweet that foodies can balance on the tip of their finger. Honestly, it is hard to image the type of skill and craftsmanship a chef needs to put together restaurant quality food. Everything has to look good, have all of the same ingredients as a normal sized dish, and somehow be small enough for a mouse to eat.

Tiny food sits at the opposite end of the world’s preoccupation with dining room table-sized burgers, shareable nachos, and other unnecessarily massive and frankly odd foods. YouTube’s Tiny Kitchen has 146K subscribers and features a ton of videos with sushi, cakes, lobster rolls, poke bowls, and pretty much every food you can think of scaled down to a much smaller size. But, these meals are also created in the smallest of kitchens, which probably won’t be the case on this series. Honestly, it makes sense for Quibi to capitalize on this small food craze with the Biggest Little Cook-Off.


It’s not the first time that the network has taken a different approach to a competitive show. Quibi also has Floored, an upcoming dance competition show hosted by YouTube star Liza Koshy where dancers have to deliver routines on a moving floor. Right now there’s no premiere date for Biggest Little Cook-Off but interested fans can keep an eye out for more info. Quibi is set to launch in April 2020, so these shows will likely make their debut on launch day or shortly afterward.

The Biggest Little Cook-Off will surely be funny, entertaining, and pack a big flavor punch within a very, very small package.

Featured Image: TBS

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