Stop-Motion SPIDER-MAN Short Recreates Emo Dance

Like so many creative folks on YouTube 2D and stop-motion animator Lawrence Becker is seriously inspired by Marvel. Particularly Spider-Man it seems as the artist has created several—masterful—stop-motion shorts of Spidey doing all kinds of Spidey things. In Becker’s newest Spider-Man short the artist gives us a taste of Peter Parker flying around a home studio and then putting on a dance show. Is it the exact dance Tobey Maguire does in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3? Of course it is!

It’s so good it deserves a Webby. (Sorry.)

Geeks Are Sexy found this gem of a short, which Becker posted to his eponymous channel. Previously, Becker’s posted a large handful of his stop-motion work to the ‘Tube, although his Spidey shorts definitely web-shoot and snap away the cake. Even from this stop-motion Iron Man short, which is really saying something.

A stop-motion Spider-Man clapping his hands in front of a bunch of Marvel movie posters.

Lawrence Becker

In this 20-second short, Becker has a figurine Spider-Man begin his stunt-dance by flying and web-shooting his way onto a table featuring what look to be various Marvel DVD boxsets and inserts. As well as a cloudy, blue background and NYC water tower. If you look closely enough, there are also miniature versions of Ant-Man and the Wasp in front of the tower.

As with all other stop-motion animations, this one took a lot of time and tedious work. Like other stop-motion animators Becker’s lamented the painstaking process of photographing and reconfiguring objects. Itself somewhat magical, as Becker’s below BTS video from another Spider-Man short shows.

Slinging and swinging into the future, all we know is that Becker asks this question below his new video: Will this scene be in No Way Home? And while our guess is No Way, anything’s possible with post-credits scenes. Plus Netflix has already retweeted Becker’s work lending more credibility to its awesomeness. Maybe we could even expect some full-length episodes from Becker sometime in the year 2075.

Feature image: Lawrence Becker 

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