Pee-wee Herman Replaces Kylo Ren in Hilarious STAR WARS Mashup

It seems in the past few years we’ve reignited our love for all things Pee-wee Herman. Which of course we should, as he is a cultural icon worthy of all our love and praise. We’ve seen young kids do meticulous tributes to Pee-wee’s Playhouse. And most recently, we saw a version of Jurassic Park that replaced all the dinosaurs with Pee-wee. Now, someone has finally brought Pee-wee Herman to the galaxy far, far away in a hilarious new video, which you can watch in its entirety down below:

The official Pee-wee Herman Twitter account recently shared the fan-made video, which was created by YouTuber Kaptin Fathead. (That’s a username that sure sounds like an insult Pee-wee himself would use, doesn’t it?) Called “The Herman Awakens,” this video simply takes all of Kylo Ren’s dialogue from The Force Awakens and replaces it with Pee-wee’s own voice. The final result is perfection.

Hardcore Pee-wee’s Big Adventure fans of course know that Pee-wee can get mighty petulant when you take away his precious bike. And Kylo Ren is the cinematic king of petulant tantrums. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Paul Reubens of course has another famous Star Wars connection. The man behind Pee-wee also voiced robot pilot Captain Rex on Star Tours for decades. And he can now be heard as the DJ at Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney parks.

Video Mashing Up Pee-wee Herman with Kylo Ren is Hilarious_1

Lucasfilm/Warner Bros.

Reports have been circulating for awhile now that Paul Reubens is actually working on a “ dark Pee-wee movie” of some kind. Maybe having Pee-wee as a Sith Lord isn’t that bad of a notion? This fan made video sure has us rooting for the idea. At the very least, we hope this video inspires someone to make a custom action figure of Darth Herman. Now that’s a toy we want on our shelves for sure.

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