A STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Pizza Cutter Worthy of Starfleet

Your home kitchen is about to become one of those “ strange new worlds” that the Star Trek franchise always refers to. Thanks to Geeks are Sexy, we’re receiving a subspace transmission about a new pizza cutter, which looks exactly like the U.S.S. Discovery. You can see images of this out-of-this-world utensil, made by Ukonic, below.

This pizza cutter is ready to fire phaser on your pepperoni pie.


The ship’s saucer section serves as the blade. This is even more fitting than the previously released U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter released a few years ago, as the Discovery’s saucer actually have a spinning component on the series. On the show, the Captain says “ Black Alert” whenever Discovery’s experimental spore drove takes them across the universe. However, in your kitchen, it’ll be more like “black olive alert!”

A close up of the Discovery pizza cutter, showing off the ship's name.


This Star Trek themed pizza cutter features a solid metal construction and a stainless steel blade. The cutter measures approximately nine inches long, including the blade. This collectible kitchen utensil allows serious Trekkers to easily slice through pie, cake, biscuits, pizza, and more. Hand-washing only is recommended for this cutter. Just think of your dishwasher as the Romulan Neutral Zone, and just keep your Starfleet vessel out of there. Otherwise, you might need to haul that ship in to Starbase for repairs.

This Discovery pizza cutter slices through pepperonis like phaser fire.


The pizza cutter features a very detailed recreation of the Crossfield-class starship from the Paramount+ series. It comes with a very sleek finish, showing off a futuristic look. The ship’s official Starfleet designation is laser-etched on the wheel of the stainless steel blade. So the next time you’re hosting pizza night for your Trekker friends, and marathoning a bunch of episodes of Discovery, you now have something you can show off to your guests.

The U.S.S. Discovery has fought Klingons, the Borg, and now, your pizza.


You can order one of these Star Trek: Discovery pizza cutters from Ukonic now, at a price of $34.99.

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