SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS ASMR Is as Soothing as the Sea Itself

Even though some of us love to fall asleep to a good TV show, it’s probably not a great habit for our melatonin levels. (Or eyes or REM sleep or dreams.) Fans of SpongeBob SquarePants, however, now have access to a loophole: a new, 45 minute SpongeBob-inspired ASMR video from YouTuber asmr zeitgeist. And it’ll have you tingling like Mr. Krabs counting stacks of cash in no time.

Zeitgeist, an extremely popular propagator of ASMR videos on YouTube, recently posted the sounds of SpongeBob to his channel. For those unfamiliar, zeitgeist has a huge library of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. Including ones that will melt your brain with sonic pleasures. As well as ones that would work for a Halloween party just as well as they would for nappy time.

In this particular sensational suite of sounds, zeitgeist offers an “extra tingly” taste of Bikini Bottom. Zeitgeist notes in the video’s description that the sounds are perfect for relaxation and sleep; blending a potpourri of bubbles popping, foam oozing, and sponges dripping water. Although there’s no talking, which we’ve enjoyed in other videos. (Zeitgeist has a voice so smooth even the Butter Bot from Rick and Morty wouldn’t mind dedicating its existence to it.)

An animated SpongeBob SquarePants surrounded by two human arms and hands with each one squeezing a rubber toy.

asmr zeitgeist

The video is long enough that it should work as background noise for whatever chill act you may find yourself doing. Whether that be meditating or stretching or contemplating how in the world Keanu Reeves manages to stay looking 30 at 57. Maybe it’s because he’s into SpongeBob and it keeps him young at heart?

Regardless of whatever anti-aging tricks Reeves has up his sleeves, everybody knows good sleep is key to good health. Which means if you’re ready for bed, try playing a couple of other videos along with Spongebob Squarepants ASMR one. A munching reptile may even help to send you off to dreamland.

Feature image: asmr zeitgeist

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