Vampire ASMR Is a Post-Halloween Treat That’ll Give You Chills

Halloween delights and frights people’s senses with its glowing pumpkins and ghouls, offering all kinds of creepy experiences for anyone looking. This vampire-themed ASMR video from YouTuber asmr zeitgeist, for example, delivers the kind of creepy auditory experience that even the most twisted bloodsuckers could sink their ears into. And it may even—much like a good spooky story—give you goosebumps.

Zeitgeist, a German YouTuber who’s made countless other ASMR videos, recently posted this vampiric soundscape to his channel. For those unfamiliar, zeitgeist specializes in these kinds of ASMR—or autonomous sensory meridian response—videos combining soothing visuals with sounds. The YouTuber, for example, previously made an extremely sci-fi ASMR featuring gloves, broccoli, and “brain-melting” tingles. If ASMR on YouTube isn’t really your thing, asmr zeitgeist also releases their mind-tingling tracks on Spotify.

Before watching, zeitgeist says people should prepare themselves for “fast and raw ASMR triggers” for “shivers … and nice tingles” which is, incidentally, exactly the kind of warning Halloween candy should have.

YouTuber, asmr zeitgeist, has come out with a vampire-themed ASMR soundscape that's perfect for Halloween.

asmr zeitgeist

Zeitgeist generates the sounds using classic vampire and horror-theme props. A knife, fake skull, faux amputated limb, and toy bat all offer themselves as instruments for the macabre orchestra of sounds. (Bonus points to whoever can say “toy bat” tens time fast without their head exploding.)

As for the best time and place for this grim smattering of sounds, that is, of course, up to you. For some people, it may make for the ideal background track for an—outdoor–gathering. For others, it may be a good way to relax while preparing food without garlic in the kitchen. And for a few select Nosferatu out there, this ASMR video should make for a kind of zen meditation album. One you can listen to as you fall into a deep sleep inside of your coffin—which hopefully has good acoustics.

Feature image: asmr zeitgeist

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