Watch the First 10 Minutes of SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Right Now

Spider-Man: No Way Home is officially out on digital. (A week early, too!) It’s hard to believe it’s been just a few short months since Tom Holland’s Homecoming trilogy wrapped up with quite a bang. As a little treat to celebrate No Way Home‘s digital release, Sony debuted the opening 10 minutes from the film. And it’s all on YouTube. Now, the first 10 minutes of a film—a Marvel movie, no less—may not sound like a lot. But in No Way Home things get chaotic right off the bat.

In the first few minutes alone, Spider-Man’s unmasked very publicly, accused of murdering Quentin Beck in Far From Home, and brought in for questioning. And then, of course, because Peter Parker needs a lawyer, there’s that first big cameo.

Charlie Cox, sure you missed out on the theater clapping but hey, here’s a whole comments section dedicated to your cameo/official MCU debut as consolation.

Matt Murdock catches a brink heading for Peter Parker's face as Happy Hogan and Aunt May look on.
Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Given the multiversal disaster that occurs just a half hour or so into the movie, it’s easy to forget how quickly sh*t hits the fan for Peter. No Way Home picks up just a single week after Far From Home ends. No Way Home‘s opening does such an excellent job setting up the stakes for the film. Plus as a longtime member of Stewy hive, I love seeing Succession‘s Arian Moayed in as Agent Cleary of the MCU’s Department of Damage Control. And it’s a whole lot of fun seeing each of the characters react under pressure. MJ and Aunt May? Can always count on them to keep it cool. Unfortunately, not Ned. Or Happy for that matter. And Peter, like the previous Peters before him, is just rolling in sadboi energy.

MJ and Spider-Man jump off a bridge in No Way Home
Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

Sure we don’t get a look at Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield as the other Spider-Mans. Or even a glimpse of Wong and Doctor Strange, for that matter. But it’s a very fun 10 minutes—so we don’t even have to think about the devastation that follows!

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