The Spider-Mans Embrace in NO WAY HOME Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

We’re already elbow deep into our first blockbuster superhero event of 2022 with The Batman, but I’d be lying if a little part of my brain wasn’t still stuck on Spider-Man: No Way Home. Namely, the adorable marketing material now that we can finally acknowledge—for real—that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield joined Tom Holland in a giant Spider-Mans meet-up spectacular. And that the actors, too, can admit they did, in fact, appear in the film. (Although, for the record, I love watching celebs lie about the inevitable. So I enjoyed Garfield’s valiant attempts to keep his involvement under wraps.)

All this to say, Spider-Man: No Way Home released an adorable new behind-the-scenes clip. And it features our trio of Peter Parkers suiting up for a photoshoot. The featurette then gifts us with an adorable minute of them just broing out.

I firmly believe it’s impossible to watch that 70-second clip and not feel at least a tiny bit charmed. The giddiness is infectious, is it not? In the clip, we see Maguire, Garfield, and Holland taking a series of promotional photos in their respective Spidey suits. Including, notably, their Spider-Mans pointing meme recreation—although we don’t get to see that particular moment here. However, we do get a full shot of each of the Spider-Mans. It further fuels the fake butt mystery.

Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Maguire do a photoshoot for Spider-Man: No Way Home
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

We do, however, get a glorious moment of Garfield and Holland doing a classic prom pose and Maguire getting down in his suit. But arguably, the most charming part of all comes when they talk about the shoot, noting they “had a little cuddle” and did a little dance. (And whom among us wouldn’t do a little cuddle and dance in our iconic super suit?) It sounds like a pretty cathartic experience. Garfield even notes the shoot “cleared the cobwebs off” for him. And after nearly 15 years since Maguire’s last foray in the suit, he noted how surprisingly easy it was to get back into it. (Once he was fully settled in the lycra costume, of course.) We love this for all of them.

While it isn’t clear whether the photoshoot occurred before Holland’s processors filmed their No Way Home parts or after—although I’d guess the former—there’s an infectious energy. A truly giddy energy surrounds these Spider-Mans. Maybe it’s the relief for a few minutes where Garfield and Holland don’t have to lie? (Remember, Maguire had a very zen approach to the rumors.)

Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield in a Spider-Man: No Way Home behind the scenes interview
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

The short clip just confirms what a blast the trio had making the film. Since No Way Home‘s debut in December 2021, Maguire and Garfield—as well as the quintet of returning villains and Charlie Cox—have chatted about their return to the Marvel world. And in addition to Holland’s Spider-Man predecessors, the entire cast had a great time. The Spider-Mans trio has only given one major joint interview about their work together aside from the above. It’s clear the Spider-bros have a lot of love for one another. And we love to see it. But we also want to see more of it. Maybe in the next Spider-Man film, perhaps?

In the meanwhile, we can enjoy this Spider-Mans in their last foray. Spider-Man: No Way Home releases on digital on March 22. And hopefully, it brings with it a few more bonus features for us to delight in.

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