Charlie Cox’s Rude Movie Theater Did Not Cheer for Him in NO WAY HOME

In a supremely tough break for Charlie Cox, his movie theater did not cheer when he popped up on screen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Obviously, the film featured a whole lot of exciting Marvel happenings—most notably Tom Holland’s Spider-Man predecessors and their villains. But it also included a nod to Marvel’s other fare, the heart of its Netflix TV slate.

For the lucky few who don’t live on the internet, the Daredevil star was highly rumored to appear in the film in the year leading up its release. A single image of Peter Parker in a police station featuring a forearm with a white button-up shirt had people in a tizzy. It had to be Matt Murdock’s arm, right? (It was actually  Succession‘s Arian Moayed, as DOI Agent Cleary. Matt Murdock instead appeared in the Parker home to give some legal advice. And catch a brick hurtling towards Peter’s face.) This is all to say: it’s an exciting cameo, right? Apparently, not for Cox’s theater.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil
Barry Wetcher/Netflix

The Kin actor told the Radio Times recently that he’d heard quite a lot of noise about the cameo from people in his life. (We first saw this at  /Film.) But when he decided to check it out for himself, the crowd didn’t quite have the same energy. “It’s funny, I got so many text messages and so many calls about that moment in the cinema. My nephew sent me a recording of everyone cheering,” He said. “So I snuck into a movie theater near where I live and literally stood in the corridor… and, sadly, my experience was it was dead f***ing quiet!”

Making it even worse, his wife was recording this moment. He added, “I was so disappointed—my wife was with me and she was recording me because it’d be fun to have that moment of everyone cheering, and then… tumbleweed!”

A couple years ago, he mentioned living in Connecticut in an interview with  Variety and I can’t help but wonder if that might have something to do with it. The area of southern Connecticut where I spent college probably would’ve (stoically) cheered over a Barney’s sale. But maybe not cheer in the movie theater. Luckily, Radio Times indicates he was laughing as he relayed the story. So he seems to at least know that people—though not in that particular movie theater—celebrated.

Elden Henson, Deborah Ann Woll, and Charlie Cox in Daredevil
Barry Wetcher/Netflix

In the Radio Times interview, Cox also confirmed that there is, in fact, “something else” Marvel-related in the works. This is the second time in as many weeks we’ve heard this sort of admission. So it sounds like we’re getting more Daredevil—or Matt Murdock—in the future. Does this mean more Foggy and Karen? Wilson Fisk taking a guy’s head off with a car door? We’ll find out soon enough, hopefully. Next time, maybe his fellow No Way Home attendees will have a more spirited attitude!

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