New SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Toys Confirm Classic Spidey Villains

Ever since the arrival of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and the introduction of the so-called elemental monsters that Peter and new “hero” Mysterio would be battling, fans have been wondering whether the new foes had any connections to some classic Spider-Man villains. Now, with the release of the first wave of toys, it seems like those theories were correct!

Looking at the newly-released Spider-Man: Far from Home LEGO sets, the first thing that immediately struck us was the fact that the two kits that feature the fire and water elementals were were titled Molten Man Battle and Hydro-Man Attack. There are also action figures that note that the two elementals are now officially onscreen versions of the Spidey big bads. Though they both seem to differ from their comic book iterations, this is an exciting reveal as both of the characters sit alongside Mysterio in “Marvel creations we thought we’d never see in a film.”

Molten Man A.K.A. Mark Raxton was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #28 as a greedy Oscorp scientist who, in pursuit of riches and glory, ended up spilling an experimental alloy on himself, turning his skin golden whilst also giving him super strength. Hydro-Man A.K.A. Morris “Morrie” Bench is a villain intrinsically connected with Peter Parker after the friendly neighborhood hero knocked him off a ship. This ended up playing a part in the baddie getting his mysterious water-based powers.

So what does this mean for Peter and his summer vacation? Well, in short, nothing good. Both of the characters have caused chaos for ol’ Peter Parker, not to mention that Mark Raxton has a particularly interesting connection to the world of Far From Home. Remember Peter’s prom date, Liz Allen, from Homecoming? In the Spider-Man comics, she’s the stepsister of Molten Man himself, playing a large role in his life and possible redemption. There is also, of course, the connection to one of the ultimate Spider-Man villains, Norman Osborn. Fans have long wondered when the Green Goblin would make his way to the MCU, and now that Disney and Sony are working together, it’s pretty likely that this could be a way to introduce him.

Hydro-Man also has some interesting connections that could come into play in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most vitally to a certain Atlantean monarch. No, not that one! Namor was potentially hinted at during an Avengers’ meet up in Endgame, when Okoye mentioned some deep sea volcanic eruptions. In the comics, Hydro-Man has a history with the merman. It’s not just the watery anti-hero, though, as Morrie was also involved with Wakanda’s very own Nakia after she turned villainous in the comics.

However, the biggest question that these sets have us asking is whether the Earth elemental that we saw in the trailer will end up being Sandman, which would make a lot of sense now that we know Hydro-Man and Molten Man have joined the Far From Home fray! Whatever happens, it’s not long till we find out, with the movie hitting screens on July 2nd!

Images: Marvel, Disney

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