Mysterio Brought to Life in Sculpture Timelapse Video

There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. Despite all of the trailers and promos for Spider-Man: Far From Home presenting him as Peter Parker’s new best friend and mentor, Quentin Beck isn’t exactly a good guy in the comic books. It remains to be seen if he’ll turn out to be a secret villain in the movie, or if he’ll surprise us the way the Skrulls did in Captain Marvel, but whatever the truth ends up being there’s one thing that is undeniable – he has an amazing costume. We’re not just talking about his cape and green armor either. His fishbowl helmet, swirling with storm clouds and lightning, makes for one striking visage. And it also makes for one striking sculpture, which you can see come to life in this timelapse video.

This is the work of artist Steven Richter, whose work we’ve admired in the past, including when he made a Voldemort bust, and when he built a melting Arnold Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark crayon statue. This time around he doesn’t have to do nearly as much sculpting – though his work on Mysterio’s glowing chest plate is still fantastic. This isn’t a Gyllenhaal bust; Richter just needed to capture Mysterio’s look in the movie when he’s wearing his helmet.

Using lights and cotton, Richter brings to life that which is otherwise lifeless.

Yup, gonna need him to list that on his Etsy page ASAP. Maybe he can include it in a package with his Spider-Man bust he made earlier this year.

Good guy, bad guy, something in between? No matter who or what Mysterio turns out to be we know he makes for one fantastic sculpture.

You know how good something has to look to make hiding Jake Gyllenhaal’s face okay?

Featured Image: Steven Richter

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