A Voldemort Sculpture Apparates in This Timelapse Video

Voldemort had to wait 14 years to regain a body, and even then it required a year-long con job by Barty Crouch Jr. pretending to be Mad-Eye Moody to finally make that happen. Now we don’t mean to question the Dark Lord’s methods, since they did work, but it feels like a lot of excess labor. Did he ever consider just hiring someone to make him a new body? Because as this talented sculptor proves, with the right materials and skill, Harry Potter‘s ultimate enemy can apparate into existence much faster — especially when you watch it happen in a timelapse video.This incredibly realistic piece, which is equal parts impressive and terrifying, comes from artist Steven Richter of Smithtown, NY, whose incredible custom-made Jumanji board game recreation we told you about last year. Despite being such a short video, it shows just how much work can go into a bust that requires multiple stages of molding, sculpting, casting, and painting. The results speak for themselves, though, because the end product looks like it might really hit us with Avada Kedavra.No, you’re not crazy: that was a mold of Michael Myers you saw at the very start, and the final sculpture is not only great, it’s available for purchase.While we always love seeing a talented artist at his or her craft, the best part about seeing Voldemort come back to life this way is that it didn’t involve killing Cedric Diggory. That’s why we really wish the Dark Lord had just hired a sculptor instead.What other character or fantastic beast from the wizarding world would you love to see come to life next? Cast your top choice in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Steven Richter

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