This Skateboard Scratcher Lets Your Cat Grind

Every cat owner knows the perils of purchasing your feline family member a nice gift. Odds are they will be just as likely to play with the box it came in as they will be to play with the item you dropped big bucks on. But a new product will help remove the potential sting of yet another ignored product. Because the worst case scenario for this new Cat Scratch Skateboard is that it will become a pretty cool-looking decoration in your home.

A cat sitting atop a scratching post that looks like a skateboardSuck UK

Suck UK is now selling a most bodacious way for your kitty to grind. Grind its claws, that is. The company’s Cat Scratch Skateboard (which we first heard about at Laughing Squid) is shaped and decorated to look like a cat-themed skateboard. And as the company says, that’s a gift that’s just as much for you as it is for your feline roommate.

“A cardboard skateboard for cats! YEAH! You love your cat, but you hate him tearing up the furniture, give tiddles something more radical to get his claws into. Satisfy your cat’s natural desire to scratch stuff whilst satisfying your natural desire to laugh at a cat on a skateboard. Fill your instagram feed with pictures of skateboarding cats. Fill your TikTok feed with movies of skateboarding cats. And impress your friends with your skateboarding cat.”

A yellow cat scratching post shaped liked a skateboard propped up against a wall near a glass doorSuck UK

This unique scratching post is not actually a working skateboard. Instead of rolling, it will provide a safe, stationary way to prevent your cat from scratching up your furniture. All while keeping its claws trimmed and healthy. And, as the company points out, the visuals it will create might be worth the $40 price tag alone.

Made of corrugated cardboard, it measures roughly 7.5-inches wide by 23-inches long. It stands a little more than 3-inches tall. And, as an extra bonus, the Cat Scratch Skateboard comes fully assembled.

You won’t have to spend your free time putting it together. Which will be an extra relief if your cat prefers the box it comes in instead.

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