Human Furniture Specifically Designed to Please Your Cats

Furniture choices are important ones. Because once you purchase something like a couch, desk, or media console, you’re usually stuck with it for years. And it’s not just you—your cats are also stuck with any furniture you purchase. Which is why you may want to consider some super-sleek furniture built specifically to please your feline overlords friends.

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Laughing Squid picked up on this cat-focused furniture, which the Colombia-based company CatLife has created. CatLife, which is located in Medellín but does ship to the United States, says that it has made its furniture “with the purpose of creating adequate spaces that meet the innate needs of felines.” And if this furniture doesn’t meet cats’ needs nothing would. (Although perhaps nothing would anyway. Cats are tough to please.)

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All of CatLife’s beds, sofas, tables, and nightstands have designs that allow for functional interplay between cats and the furniture. The “Geneva Library” bookshelf, for example, has a cubby containing a cat bed, as well as a tall scratching post. And the “Gatrimonial Bed” (undoubtedly a play on the word gato, which means “cat” in Spanish), has an actual maze inside of it. One into which cats can enter and get lost for long periods of time. Because for cat owners that sounds so … relaxing?

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Unfortunately, as is the case with so many cool things related to cats, this furniture is pricey. The bed, for example, including the “internal labyrinth,” will set prospective buyers back $2,650. Likewise, the Geneva Library costs just shy of $2,300. And those prices do not include shipping and handling.

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Smaller pieces, however, have price tags that may not make you leap out of your skin like a cat who’s seen a cucumber. Plus, there are always plenty of free—scientifically proven!— ways of bonding with your cats.

This furniture line has been designed to meet the innate needs of felines.


Feature image: CatLife

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