Ryan Reynolds Shares Definitely Fake DEADPOOL Fan Letter

Ryan Reynolds, noted good guy and craft gin enthusiast, celebrated Deadpool‘s fifth anniversary with another touching story that highlights his special relationship with fans. He shared some lost correspondence with a big fan of the Merc with a Mouth, including Reynolds’ reply that never got mailed. Probably because neither is real. But one thing that’s definitely true is that this whole “exchange” is really funny.

The former Green Lantern star took to Twitter to celebrate five years of donning Deadpool‘s red mask by posting a letter he received from a “fan” named “Hunter” (which we first heard about at THR) back in 2016. In his letter, a highly complimentary Hunter, who sounds like a five-year-old in one sentence and a PR veteran in the next, talks about his love of Deadpool. He also praises the film’s producers who “didn’t tone down” the film’s R-rating. The whole “English class assignment” might almost be believable if not for young Hunter signing off with a hope to get a beer with Reynolds some day.

There’s no question the actor’s “lost” response is a clever work of fiction. It’s full of wildly inaccurate predictions and comments that are obviously hilarious in 2021. That includes laughing at the thought of Disney and the MCU producing a Deadpool movie. ( Which is going to happen.) Reynolds’ commitment to acting and acting alone, without any distractions from something like a small business. ( Of which he now has many.) His wife Blake Lively giving birth to their second and “final” child. ( They now have three kids.) And that we would get a new Deadpool sequel every two years “like clockwork.” ( That clock is broken.)

That’s not all he’s wrong about. He also mentions his enthusiasm for famous failures like the Fyre Festival and the “ Thanos” [sic] blood company. Reynolds also comments on Tom Brady’s guaranteed lifetime tenure with the Patriots, as well as his own love affair with beer and beer only. All before signing off that in 2020 there will be nothing better than “handshakes and hugs.”

Ryan Reynolds Shares 'Lost' DEADPOOL Fan Letter_1Ryan Reynolds

For someone to be that wrong about literally everything they’d have to see the future. So clearly this letter was fake. Either that or Ryan Reynolds’ actually did get Cable’s Temporal Dial to work. If he did, forget about going back and sending this letter in 2016. Can he please go back and warn everyone about 2020 instead?

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