DEADPOOL 3 Was Originally a Wolverine and Deadpool Road Trip

It was a weird day when Disney purchased Fox. The acquisition threw the status of a lot of films into question, including (maybe especially) Fox’s Marvel movies. Imagining Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed take on Wade Wilson in the Disney realm seemed far-fetched. While Deadpool 3 is absolutely moving forward under the Disney umbrella and will become an R-rated MCU film, it could have been something else. Ryan Reynolds shared on Thursday afternoon that the pre-Disney Deadpool 3 would have been a road trip between Wolverine and Deadpool.

In other words, we could have had it all.

Hugh Jackman’s Logan alongside Reynolds’ Deadpool? It’s perfection. Jackman and Reynolds already have a long-running “feud” on social media. They regularly throw barbs at each other. We have no doubt that energy would translate well to their superhero counterparts. Imagine how many times Deadpool would have to stop for bathroom breaks and how perturbed Logan would be. And perhaps the best part of this cool as hell sounding film? Reynolds mentioned the story would have unfolded “Rashomon style.”

Named after Akira Kurosawa‘s 1950 film Rashomon, the Rashomon effect is all about the unreliable narrator. Viewers see an event from multiple, contradictory vantage points, and thus have no idea who is actually telling the truth. Watching Logan (whose last appearance was in 2017’s Logan) and Deadpool play something like that out? Yeah, it would have ruled.

Deadpool side by side with Logan


We’re sure Deadpool 3 will be fun and full of the irreverence we love. However, we’ll have this might have been in the back of our heads.

Reynolds dropped this Deadpool bomb while posting about Bell Let’s Talk, a Canadian program that intends to break the silence and stigma around mental illness. However, many have criticized Bell, a telecommunications company, for making it more a marketing ploy than about mental health.

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