Real-Life BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 Slugger 2000 Is Smashing

The loveliest mad engineer on YouTube, Colin Furze, has built a real-life version of Biff’s bat from Back to the Future 2, and it is a smashing success. The IRL retractable Kirk Gibson Jr. Slugger 2000 doesn’t just look as good as the one in the movie, but also uses a motor to extend out automatically. Albeit quite slowly.

Furze recently posted the motorized Slugger 2000 to his YouTube channel, noting that he’s a “MASSIVE” Back to the Future fan. In the video, we watch as Furze takes over the role of Marty McFly—and Doc Brown in the Twitter clip below—before picking up his very own flaming guitar. The flaming guitar is one he built a few years ago, and has nothing to do with the movie, but still, who doesn’t love a musical instrument that’s on fire?

After that quick intro, as well as some clips of Furze cruising around in a DeLorean, he gets to building Biff’s bat. The Slugger itself consists of a kind of motorized telescope made out of steel. And while it’s a beautiful replica of the one from the film, it’s unfortunate we don’t get to see it in action more in this video. Although it’s pretty enough that maybe it’s good it wasn’t threatened by say, an encounter with a Wild Gunman arcade machine.

For those who love this Biff-tastic build, and are curious if Furze has done anything else inspired by Back to the Future, you’re in luck: Furze also has a video of him using a hoverboard in conjunction with a jet engine-powered suit. And it kind of works. Sort of. Barely… At least nobody was hurt!

What do you think about this real-life Kirk Gibson Jr. Slugger 2000 from Back to the Future 2? Pitch us some topics to discuss in the comments!

Header Image: colinfurze

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