Finally, a Stress-Free Way to Test Pet Halloween Costumes

Pet owners love to dress up their animals in cute costumes for Halloween. Even more than their own kids at times. But as most dog and cat owners are keenly aware, it is not easy to wrangle Rover and Precious into that Dracula cape. Or that princess dress. But now there’s a modern way to eliminate that eternal struggle. At least the struggle of the selection process, that is.

Via Design Taxi, we’ve learned that pet supply company Chewy has a solution to the pet Halloween costume problem for the digital age. With their new “Fur-tual Boutique,” pets can now try out costumes via augmented reality. You can check out a demonstration for this unique boutique down below:

Parents of fur babies only need a smartphone or similar device to try this out. All that’s required really is one front-facing shot of your cat or dog. Always include their full body in the photo. (We recognize that even that can be a struggle with certain pets). Once you’ve got a decent image, you can have your pet try on costume after costume. And all without it becoming a giant hassle. Because we all know how much pets just love to sit still while Mommy or Daddy put them in a Hot Dog outfit.

Demonstration of the Fur-tual Boutique process on a smartphone.


Thanks to this new feature, pet owners will even be able to adjust the costume to fit their specific dog or cat. Here’s the best part, though. After the virtual costume fitting, you’ll receive a photo and a GIF of the styling session. So even if the actual costume doesn’t stay on your pet long enough for photo time once it arrives, you have a ready-made image for that Instagram or Facebook post. You can visit he Fur-tual Boutique and see for yourself by clicking right here.

Featured Image: Chewy

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