Moon Size Comparison Gives Sense of Solar System’s Scale

Visualizing the solar system in its totality requires one to conjure a lot of spinning bodies moving in synchrony. But getting a sense of those objects’ scale is just as important for developing a picture of our star system. Which is why YouTuber MetaBallStudios’ below video comparing the sizes of moons in our stellar neighborhood is so enlightening.

In the video, which comes via Laughing Squid, the sizes of some of our solar system’s natural satellites are compared. The video begins with S/2009 S 1, a roughly thousand-foot-wide “propeller moonlet” of Saturn, and subsequently shows consecutively larger moons. The line-up of moons ends with Ganymede, which is a roughly 3,300-mile-wide moon belonging to Jupiter.

Although a refresher probably isn’t necessary, a moon, or natural satellite, is defined as a celestial body that orbits a planet or asteroid. According to NASA, there are more than 200 moons in our solar system, with most orbiting the giant planets. Astronomers are still discovering new moons, however. For example, in October of 2019, astronomers announced the detection of 20 new moons around Saturn.

In regards to why MetaBallStudios (MBS) chose to make this particular comparison video, it’s hard to say exactly. Although MBS, created and run by a Spanish 3D animator named Alvaro, obviously has a penchant for comparing similar objects of different sizes. MBS has in the past, for example, compared the sizes of various iconic cars and aircraft from pop culture.

Looking forward, MBS says he’s working on a starship-size comparison video for his next project. And with a handful of the greatest starships from pop culture in the teaser image below, there’s no doubt that’s going to be a fun video to watch. Although we’re not sure how it will compare to this one.

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What do you think about this moon-size comparison video from MetaBallStudios? Let’s compare opinions in the comments!

Feature image: MetaBallStudios

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