Daredevil’s Ketchup and Mustard Suit Shines in SHE-HULK Concept Art

We all celebrated as Charlie Cox’s Daredevil triumphantly returned to the small screen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. But people have mixed opinions about his new supersuit’s color scheme, which Jen Walters teasingly describes as ketchup and mustard. There’s no question that Matt Murdock rocks it, as always, and now we have new images to pour over. Marvel’s Ryan Meinerding shared character concept art of the superhero’s look for the show on his Instagram, and it’s full of devilishly good details. Let’s take a closer look at Daredevil’s MCU suit.

Full body concept art of Daredevil's yellow and red costume from She-Hulk
Ryan Meinerding

The red and yellow Daredevil suit on She-Hulk harkens back to the Daredevil: Yellow comics, though it ended up looking more golden on-screen. It was certainly still reminiscent of Murdock’s original suit from the Netflix show, with the utility of materials and accessories at the forefront. So what caused Daredevil to update the color scheme in the MCU? Is it a tribute to Iron Man? Or did Luke Jacobson, designer to the superheroes, simply think Murdock would look good in yellow?

While Jacobson and his team get on-screen credit for the look, Meinerding drew the character concept art in real life. He has been an illustrator for Marvel movies dating back to the original MCU film, Iron Man, and head of the visual development department on projects since Iron Man 3. Meinerding tips his hat to She-Hulk’s visual development supervisor Jackson Sze in his post about Daredevil’s suit. Sze also oversaw Ms. Marvel and shares amazing concept and character art on his Instagram

Concept art of Daredevil's yellow and red costume from She-Hulk
Ryan Meinerding

Maybe one day we’ll get a closer look at the costume itself or even see it in an auction. In the meantime, we’re waiting to find out if it will get used again in season two of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Daredevil: Born Again. No matter the color, we love the silhouette and utility of Cox’s Daredevil super suit. Though that suit certainly never looked better than when it was on Jen’s floor in the She-Hulk finale.

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