T’Challa’s Origin Story Unfolds in BLACK PANTHER LEGENDS

SYFY Wire revealed that Marvel Comics is releasing Black Panther Legends. The four-part series will be part of a new series of books called Marvel Legends. The series is aimed at young readers. The first installment will follow T’Challa’s origin and journey to becoming the hero we know.

Beasts Made of Night writer Tochi Onyebuchi will write the comic. And Bunheads illustrator Setor Fiadzigbey will illustrate. The comic series will explore “the moments that made T’Challa who he is, using both familiar elements of the character’s origin and exploring never-before-seen corners of the story and the character.”

A comic book illustration of a young T'Challa running with Black Panther behind him in the sky on the cover of Black Panther Legends
Marvel Comics

Black Panther Legends is a deeply personal book, and I was given the opportunity to situate T’Challa and his family in a specific political and social context,” said Onyebuchi when speaking to SYFY Wire.

Onyebuchi continued, “There’s some really cool stuff in here, but it’s also a book about a family at a very particular time on the African continent. And I’m super grateful to Marvel for giving me the freedom to explore that and to ask, through his character, some very knotty questions about responsibility.”

Further details reveal that the series will feature not one Wakandan prince, but two! Black Panther Legends will look at T’Challa’s childhood and the life of his adoptive older brother, Hunter. The story will definitely contend with sibling rivalry. Young T’Challa is already destined to lead Wakanda, while his older brother must figure out his own place in the world. 

And for those Storm fans out there, fear not. The comics promise to tell the story of the future Wakandan King’s first encounter with Ororo Munroe. And yes, you’ll even see a little Fantastic Four in there as well! 

The publisher has yet to reveal which other heroes it has lined up for their new kids series. But with Black Panther, they are off to a fantastic start.

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