These Baby Yoda Shoes Put the Force on Your Feet

Ever since we first saw the adorable Baby Yoda at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian, we have fallen head over heels in love with the little green guy. And we’ve been buying Baby Yoda merch ever since. We’ve purchased Baby Yoda plushies, paintings, and even a Christmas tree topper. And a whole lot of other stuff. And this is all before even knowing his real name is Grogu! He’s just literally that cute, and we can’t get enough.

These Grogu shoes are very strong with the Force.

Well, now you can show your love for the precious Jedi child by wearing him right on your feet. A new pair of unisex shoes featuring the adorable fifty-year-old tyke are coming soon, from the folks at You can check out images, as well as read the official description for these amazing Star Wars shoes, right here.

Show your love for Baby Yoda with these incredible (and very green) shoes from


The official description reads: “These officially licensed ‘The Child’ Shoes from Star Wars: The Mandalorian may be the find you’ve been hunting for! They’re unisex shoes from your favorite Disney and Star Wars TV series and feature a green and black color scheme with accents of white and pink to bring the face of the enigmatic ‘Grogu’ to life. Lace-up into snuggly Star Wars style thanks to the cushy feel that will keep you feeling the Force (of comfort).”

Baby Yoda in his bassinet forms the shoe's basic design pattern.


We’re not sure if these shoes are good for evading Imperial Moffs, or for going bounty hunting with your gruff but loving dad. But they are definitely stylish. And there’s simply no hiding your Grogu fandom when wearing these bad boys. (Not that Grogu is a bad boy. He is a very, very good boy). Hopefully wearing them doesn’t many you instantly want to eat frogs. The Grogu shoes are priced at $39.99, and are already available for pre-order. They are expected to start shipping in July.

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