Baby Yoda Is This Year’s Best Christmas Tree Topper

Few outside of the cast and crew of The Mandalorian knew about Baby Yoda before he gloriously entered our lives in 2019. The adorable little green tyke was such a heavily guarded secret that Disney and Lucasfilm didn’t even have any products ready to roll out for him when the showed launched. A year later and that’s no longer a problem. We have enough Baby Yoda merchandise to celebrate 250 days of Christmas if we want. Some Star Wars fans are doing something even better than buying Star Wars presents this holiday season though. They are topping their trees with Grogu, the galaxy far, far away’s brightest star.

Twitter users have been sharing photos of their Star Wars-centric holiday decor this season. Many have decided that, rather than a normal Christmas angel or star, the perfect item to cap off their tree is Baby Yoda.

Proving once again that Grogu was the lord and savior of a fractured fanbase.

The designs range from funny, like Grogu wearing an antler hat, to downright inspired, like the tree topper that has him reaching out for “floating” ornaments.

But they all share the same magical quality that makes Din Djarin’s adopted son so special. He’s the most pure being in the entire galaxy, a true Force for good. Grogu embodies the Christmas spirit even if he doesn’t know anything about Life Day.

A million people could put Grogu on their tree and we’d want to see all one million of them.

Even a pre-ghosts Scrooge would smile at them.

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If you’re still waiting to put your tree up, or would like to change the star on top of yours, the YouTube channel KayAllen Reviews put together a tutorial on how to make your own. It features Baby Yoda in a little Santa hat and holding a little metal ball.

There was no easy way to make Baby Yoda a part of our holiday decorations in 2019. Which means there actually is one thing 2020 has over last year. Grogu pulled off a Christmas miracle.

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