Giant Baby Yoda Plush Is Even Bigger Than the Real Child

He may be small, but Baby Yoda generates a whole lot of love. The Mandalorian‘s little green tyke is the best thing going in both this galaxy and the one far, far away. He’s so popular it’s funny to remember that when he first entered our lives, Star Wars didn’t have any merchandise ready to roll. To their credit, they were more concerned with keeping him a secret. But once the Yodaling was out of the bag pod, they went wild. Disney has spent the last 12 months releasing so many items modeled after The Child, you’d need to sell Din Djarin’s armor to afford them all. But plenty of people will surely trade some Beskar steel for the newest Baby Yoda merch. This enormous new plushie is two-feet worth of cuddling, and that’s even bigger than the real Baby Yoda.

Giant BABY YODA Plush is Bigger than The Real Child_1Target

This week’s wave of new “ Mando Mondays” merchandise included the all-new  The Child Ginormous Cuddle Plush. The Target exclusive is a giant collectible with details from The Mandalorian. The “squishy” toy stands at a giant 24 inches, making him ideal for both kids and adults alike to snuggle with. We also bet it will end up serving as a de facto pillow in many homes; Baby Yoda is very helpful when he’s not pushing random buttons and wandering off in dark caves.

“Made from a variety of fabrics and textiles,” The Child also holds a one-eyed Mr. Meeseeks in his hands. No, wait, that’s not right. Oooooweeee, it’s actually a frog. Baby Yoda is holding a frog. So really this is a Ginormous Cuddle Snack Plush.

Giant BABY YODA Plush is Bigger than The Real Child_2Target

Thank goodness he has a living, breathing frog rather than an unfertilized egg. Target would have the Trask frog lobby picketing outside its stores.

You can pick up your Ginormous Cuddle Plush ($49.99) in stores or online. Whether you keep this enormous Baby Yoda for yourself or give him as a gift, he’ll provide a whole lot of love. Baby Yoda always does.

Featured Image: Target

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