LEGO’s Life-Sized Baby Yoda Includes Over 14,000 Bricks

Soon enough, 2020 will give us something we truly want, and truly need: The Mandalorian‘s second season. We’re just a couple of weeks away from more adventures in the galaxy far, far away with our favorite surrogate dad and his adorable little green tyke. We’d happily adopt The Child ourselves if we could. But since we’re not Jedi we doubt Mando will entrust us with him. But we’ll gladly settle for taking home a life-sized LEGO Baby Yoda.

The LEGO Group created this new model to celebrate the return of the live-action Star Wars series. (We first heard about the massive, full-scale model at DesignTAXI.) The life-sized recreation of everyone’s favorite big-eared little Force user wasn’t exactly easy to make. You could say that it was slightly more complicated than just waving your hands at it like Greef Karga.

LEGO Baby Yoda (complete with floating pod) required a whopping 14,588 LEGO bricks. Moreover, it also took three master builders 119 hours total to finish the piece. But obviously the end result was more than worth all that work. This version of The Child stands at 57 centimeters tall, which is a little bit more than 22 inches. We almost expect this bricky Baby Yoda to turn his head up at his makers wondering where his LEGO chicky chicky nug nugs are. (Actually, that is a great question. Where are his LEGO chicky chicky nug nugs!? Please—we would like to see the LEGO Baby Yoda happy.)

LEGO's Life-Sized Baby Yoda Includes 14,000+ Bricks_1

We were already excited for The Mandalorian’s second season, which debuts on Disney+ on October 30. We need this show back in our lives more than we ever could have imagined. But now we really want this LEGO Baby Yoda, snuggled up in his little floating pod, for ourselves. What is the way to make that happen?

Featured Image: LEGO

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