Handmade Baby Yoda Costume for Babies is a Halloween Must

There has been one constant in our lives since last November that makes us happy— Baby Yoda. The green little tyke with the oversized ears and eyes has never disappointed us. Nor has he ever given us reason to be sad or angry. The Yodaling is wholesome, a pure force of good. He’s the best part of both the galaxy far, far away and our own little corner of the universe. But is it possible we’ll finally get sick of him when The Mandalorian‘s second season premieres on October 30? There’s going to be a whole lot more of him in our lives. As well as a lot more merchandise.

No, not a chance. And we know because we’re already looking forward to seeing a million baby Baby Yodas on Halloween. Especially when they can all dress up in this amazing hand-knit Star Wars costume.

Hand-Knit Crotchet Baby-Baby Yoda Costume Is the Way_1Fenbo/Amazon

You can turn your own child into the Child with Fenbo’s Baby Yoda hand-knit ensemble (which we came across at Geeks Are Sexy). The costume comes with five pieces. It includes a belt, shoes, gloves, Baby Yoda’s signature brown coat, and a hat that features Baby Yoda’s ears and eyes. And because it’s made with 100% pure hand-woven crochet cotton, it’s a nice, soft, comfortable material for your child.

The unisex Baby Yoda costume is designed to fit kids from from zero to six months old. You can order yours from Amazon for $25.17.

Hand-Knit Crotchet Baby-Baby Yoda Costume Is the Way_2Fenbo/Amazon

If you are planning to dress your newborn up as Baby Yoda for Halloween don’t worry about the listed shipping date of this November. The seller says it can ship immediately. And while there are some discrepancies in the pictures, the official costume includes the hat with the eyes.

Will there be a gazillion Baby Yodas out trick-or-treating (or safely chilling at home) this Halloween? Of course. That’s a good thing, just like having so much Baby Yoda in our lives will continue to be.

Featured Image: Fenbo/Amazon

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