Spend the Day with Baby Yoda with This Mug and Desk Light

To paraphrase Werner Herzog, we would always like to see the baby. With The Mandalorian back for its second season, we’re seeing lots more of the adorable green tyke. But is that enough? No, there’s no such thing as “enough.” We need all the Baby Yoda we can get all the time. And now we can have just that. The Child can greet us in the morning when we have a cup of coffee, and then help us get ready for bed. Thanks to two new Baby Yoda products, a mug and desktop light.

Spend All Day With Baby Yoda With a New Mug and Desk Light_1Firebox

Firebox‘s two new officially licensed Star Wars products (which we first heard about at Laughing Squid) celebrate the cutest magic hand-waving child in the galaxy far, far away. Their Baby Yoda porcelain mug ($18.00), “for Boun-tea Hunters,” holds 350ml (roughly 12 ounces) of your preferred hot beverage. Shaped like The Child’s head, it features a handle in the back. But Firebox says you can also “grab onto his enormous ears and drink from it like a beaker.” If you do be gentle. Remember, he’s only 50 years old.

The mug measures approximately eight-inches wide, three-inches tall, and four-inches deep. It can also serve as an adorable planter. And it comes in “a printed gift box ready for you to wrap.”

Spend All Day With Baby Yoda With a New Mug and Desk Light_2Firebox

After spending the day with Baby Yoda you can still enjoy his company at night. Firebox also has a new LED Desktop Light ($27.00). The “pretty powerful” light requires two AAA batteries and is packaged “in a full-colour window gift box for all you collector types.”

The box measures more than five-inches wide, eight-inches tall, and almost five-inches deep.

Spend All Day With Baby Yoda With a New Mug and Desk Light_3Firebox

While this light really :ahem: shines when it’s powered on, it still makes for a very cool desktop collectible during the day. So even if you’re not drinking tea or coffee you can have Baby Yoda around all the time.

And that is all we ever want.

Spend All Day With Baby Yoda With a New Mug and Desk Light_4Firebox

Featured Image: Firebox

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