First-Person SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Game Might Make You Nauseous

Sonic the Hedgehog is having a cultural moment. Mainly due to starring in one of the few legit box office hits of 2020. (It helped that the little guy’s movie beat the pandemic by a couple of months). But a cultural moment or not, there are some things Sonic just is not cut out for. Like a POV game, going at Sonic level speeds. We as humans are just not meant for that.

Via the folks at Polygon, we’ve learned about modder Skyth’s first-person mod for Sonic Generations. And judging from the video they shared, it is as nausea-inducing as the worst ride at a carnival. Like the Tilt-a-Whirl. (Does anyone actually like that ride?) So, with all that in mind, watch at your own peril right here. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sonic Generations Sky Sanctuary has all the hyper-speed flipping and bouncing you’d expect, and just a few seconds of it kind of makes you ill. Mainly because there is no camera stabilization. It seems Skyth just wants to torture us all. They told Polygon, “I am absolutely NOT responsible for what happens to you. Play at your own risk. Hell, watch at your own risk. This video is going to badly hurt your eyes. Enjoy the suffering.” Why, thank you for the kind sentiments Skyth. Much appreciated. You sound like a Batman villain.

Sonic Generation box art for the game.


There actually was a Sonic first-person game before back in 2013, but it employed camera stabilization. And we guess there’s just no fun in that. Sonic Generations first came out way back in 2011. It showcased both retro classic and more modern iterations of different Sonic the Hedgehog levels, each presented in 2D sidescrolling and 3D platforming styles.

Sometime in 2022, a new Sonic the Hedgehog 3D game is due to hit. We know little about it, but we think it probably won’t make you sick like this mod. For the brave souls out there who wish to download it, we suggest clicking here.

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