Famous speedsters praise SONIC THE HEDGEHOG In New Commercial

Sonic the Hedgehog is blazing into theaters on Valentine’s Day but he’s making a stop by the Super Bowl. The blue speedster is getting his own commercial spot during the big game along with a few famously fast people who admit that they are no match for him. Paramount Pictures released the Sonic The Hedgehog clip via YouTube and it’s pretty funny.

The one-minute video starts off with New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas saying there is “only one name” when it comes to speed. It then shifts to fellow NFL player Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the Carolina Panthers, training and declaring this “person” has the best spin moves and knows it’s all about the rings (obviously not the same rings). The incredible track legend Allyson Felix, who is one of the fastest women in the world, says he makes them all look slow. The praises finally wrap up with racing star Kyle Busch declaring this guy is even wilder than he is on the track.


All four of them ask “what’s this for again?” which means they were just reading glowing things that Sonic himself made up. Sonic is revealed to be behind this commercial, but tells McCaffrey to continue heaping on the praise. The clip wraps up with a few peeks into the movie, including the evil Dr. Robotnik (portrayed by Jim Carrey) giving his pal a solid punch to the chest. It all ends with obvious reminders to buy tickets now and get ready to check out the movie on February 14.

A Super Bowl ad is always super costly, but this one likely pushes that budget even further. These athletes are all well-known in their respective sports and probably command a nice penny for their time, even if it’s all in good fun for Sonic the Hedgehog. This means the studio is really putting a major push behind the movie to get fans in theaters and perhaps jumpstart a film franchise. Honestly, fans should want to see it after the creators actually listened to social media criticisms about Sonic’s look.


In case you forgot, Sonic The Hedgehog‘s first trailer caused a wave of negative comments because of Sonic’s “creepily human” design with strange teeth. Director Jeff Fowler, who is a visual effects artist himself, spoke about reactions and admitted that the team may have went a little too far with the “realism” in his character.


The film was pushed back from November 2019 to February 2020 to spend time updating Sonic to look more like he did in the games. The revamped trailer got a ton of people excited and brought some needed relief for Fowler and the visual creatives behind the scenes. Hopefully it will lead people to go out and support the hard work that was put in to make those (probably costly) changes to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Until then, check out some very quick athletes giving props to an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who runs at a blurry speed almost every second of the day.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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