EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY Pits Indiana Jones Against Lara Croft

When it comes to Epic Rap Battles of History, it sure feels like this latest installment is one that should have happened long ago. But better late than never, we say. After such wild battles between the likes of Ronald McDonald vs. the Burger King, and Freddy Krueger vs. Wolverine, ERB has finally unleashed Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft for a fun battle. At long last, it’s that raider of lost arks against the tomb raider extraordinaire. Who will win? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself after watching the full video below.

After taking all that in …we’re still not sure who wins? Lara Croft had more serious burns. Lara goes for the jugular and brings up Indy’s son Mutt, and that whole refrigerator business from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But of course, there would be no Tomb Raider franchise period if it weren’t for the popularity of Dr. Henry Jones Jr. Of course, neither of them would exist without the old serials from the 1930s that inspired George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. We are kind of shocked that Indy didn’t throw it in Lara’s face that he punches Nazis on a regular basis. If he had, we might have had to declare him the winner by default.

Epic Rap Battle between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft.

It’s hard to argue that Indy doesn’t have the superior filmography. Just Raiders of the Lost Ark alone is better than all the Tomb Raider movies put together. But Indy’s video game legacy has been nothing to write home about. And that’s being kind. So Lara Croft pretty much destroys Indiana Jones in that battle. Nathan Drake is probably happy to not be involved, although there is a little dig at Uncharted. Maybe down the line we can get Indy vs. Lara Croft vs. Nathan Drake? Although two against one hardly seems fair. Even for unscrupulous archeologist types. For more Epic Rap Battles of History, be sure to go to the ERB YouTube channel.

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