Double-Vision Tattoos Are Beautiful (and Dizzying)

Anybody who’s looking for a handsome, headache-inducing tattoo should head on down to Hermosillo, Mexico. That’s where tattoo artist and illustrator Yatzil Elizalde lives, and her double-vision tattoos absolutely nail both those qualities. Elizalde’s tattoos may give you a stiff poke in the third eye, however, so be warned.

Laughing Squid picked up on Elizalde’s work, which is available for perusing on her Instagram account. Elizalde, who owns the White Light Tattoo parlor in Hermosillo, is obviously talented, and apparently has a penchant for clean, minimalist designs of animals, faces, or all-seeing eyes. However, it’s her double-vision tattoos that will really grab your attention. And then hold it until you feel like you need an Advil.

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Among the most beautiful, and squint-inducing, designs are Elizalde’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland, medusa, and the face shown in the picture immediately below. By the way, if you can stare at the below triple-double-vision face for more than five seconds, you may be one of the X-men.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information available about Elizalde’s parlor or background online. But her work speaks for itself. And while most people may not be into slapping a double-vision illustration on their body, maybe Elizalde can try her hand at tattooing porgs like these, but in her own style. Or maybe she could do something incredible with this smart ink that turns your body into a mood ring. In other words, anything that could take advantage of Elizalde’s skills without requiring viewers to feel like they’ve just stared directly at the Sun.

What do you think about these double-vision tattoos? Would you seriously consider having one of these optical illusions tattooed on your body, or would you prefer to just stick to simple, augmented reality tattoos? Let us know what you’re thinking after you’re able to focus again!

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