Hold Onto Your Feathers and Look at All These Porg Tattoos

The Last Jedi isn’t here yet, but many fans are already in love with porgs. It’s hard to resist the fluffy, cute nature of the resident puffin-like creatures on new Star Wars planet, Ahch-To. They’re on track to be some of the cutest critters in the universe, and plus, at least one of them hangs out with Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon–that gives them a leg up in my book.

Some of those who have jumped aboard the porg train have headed to their local tattoo parlor and immortalized their enthusiasm for the creatures with permanent ink. It’s like having a constant piece of joy on your skin. At least a couple folks at Lucasfilm have porg tattoos, including Daniel Kennedy:

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It was inked by Mike Bianco at Rose Gold’s Tattoo in San Francisco. He also inked one for Lucasfilm Story Group Creative Executive Matt Martin:

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Bianco did this one for Amanda Jean, too:

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He’s not the only tattooist inking porg portraits. Mahoghany Shaw did this one:

Fly below to see a few more porg tattoos. It’s the cutest gallery in the whole galaxy.

If you have nerdy ink on your skin or you’re a tattoo artist that applies pop culture, STEM, music, or other nerd-inspired ink (tl;dr: I want to see all of the tattoos) on a regular basis, then please hit me up because I’d like to highlight you in a future Inked Wednesday gallery. I’m especially interested if you have a sleeve or other large tattoo. You can get in touch with me via email at [email protected]. Send me photos of the tattoos you’d like me to feature (the higher resolution, the better) and don’t forget to let me know the name of your tattoo artist if you have it, as well the name of the shop he or she works out of. If you are the tattoo artist, give me links to your portfolios and/or Instagram accounts so I can share them with our readers.

Featured Image: Daniel Kennedy

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

Hang out with more porgs!

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By Scott Simacek:

Because I had to have one #porg #porgs #starwars #starwarstattoo #ysdb #tattoo #porgtattoo @scottsimacek is the best!

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