DC Comics Themed Wedding Bands Let You Pledge Your Love in Nerdy Style

We nerds love to bring every aspect of our fandom into our lives. We even permanently attached some fandom love to our very bodies. No, I’m not talking about tattoos (although those count too, of course). We’re talking about wedding bands. The formerly nondescript rings symbolizing our love for our partners can now symbolize our love for our favorite superheroes too. Specifically, the heroes of the Justice League. The folks at Manly Bands have teamed up with DC Comics to create a series of wedding bands based on their most iconic characters. 

The line of DC Comics wedding bands from Manly Bands
Manly Bands

You’ll soon be able to say “I do” and also swear your everlasting love to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and the Joker. Oddly enough, the iconic DC heroes most associated with wearing a ring, Green Lantern, is not among the options. In wave two, they’ve added three new rings, centering on Superman and Batman. You can check out images and descriptions of each of the wedding bands below:

The Batman
The Batman ring from Manly Bands
Manly Bands

The other Gotham-related rings in this collection are named after the Caped Crusader’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. But The Batman ring evokes the Dark Knight’s endless crime-fighting nights. The Batman ring arrives in black zirconium with carbon fiber inlay and Batman logo engraving. The ring is 8mm wide. It’s a domed design in comfort fit with hammer finish. 

The Clark Kent
The Clark Kent ring by Manly Bands.
Manly Bands

Mild manner and boy-next-door charm, keep people underestimating you as you fly under the radar. By day you give the world juicy scoops, but you’re one phone booth away from transforming into the man who saves it. This ring will take you to new heights. The ring is Tungsten with Blue and Black Carbon Fiber Inlay, and Superman Logo Engraving. It’s 8mm wide, with domed bevel design in comfort fit with a polished finish.

The Caped Crusader
The Caped Crusader ring by Manly Bands.
Manly Bands

Shedding all pretense by night, you fight to protect the city you call home. It’s a thankless job, saving your city in the shadows, but you’re just the man to do it. Follow the signal and come get this ring. The ring is Black Zirconium with Carbon Fiber Inlay and Batman Logo Engraving. It’s 8mm wide, with a domed design in comfort fit with hammer finish. 

The Superman
The Superman wedding band in detail.
Manly Bands

They made this 8mm wide ring of Cobalt Chrome with a Stipple Finish. Featuring his signature colors with a Blue Inlay with a Red Sleeve they also engraved it with the Superman emblem. Which, as Man of Steel fans know, is the symbol of the House of El. And the Kryptonian symbol for “hope.”

The Bruce Wayne
The Batman wedding band, called the Bruce Wayne.
Manly Bands

They modeled the Bruce Wayne after the eponymous CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Who also has a secondary nighttime job you might be familiar with. This 9mm wide ring is made of Black Zirconium with a Machine Finish. Black Diamonds add to the richness of this ring and it’s finished off with the Bat emblem.

The Wonder Woman
The Wonder Woman wedding band from Manly Bands.
Manly Bands

The Wonder Woman is a 4mm wide ring, made of Cobalt Chrome with a Distressed Finish. Featuring a 1mm 14k Yellow Gold Inlay paying homage to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and two thin Blue Inlays. They engraved her Red Sleeve with the Wonder Woman emblem. Maybe not as strong as bullet-deflecting bracelets or Amazonian strength, but we’ll take it.

The Aquaman
The King of the Seven Seas represents in this Aquaman wedding band.
Manly Bands

The Aquaman is an 8mm wide Black Zirconium ring with a Bead Finish. The 3mm offset dark Mother of Pearl Inlay, speaks to the sea much like Aquaman himself. It’s finished off with a Green Sleeve and the Aquaman emblem. Show your love for your partner at the same time as showing off your Atlantean pride.

The Flash
The Fastest Man Alive gets his own Flash wedding band from Manly Bands.
Manly Bands

The Flash is an 8mm wide, Black Zirconium, Domed Ring with a machine finish. There’s also an asymmetrical Red Inlay to represent “The Fastest Man Alive.” The sleeve is 14k Yellow Gold with The Flash emblem engraved inside. Aside from Green Lantern, no other major DC superhero is more associated with rings. After all, the Flash stored his costume in a ring for years!

The Joker
The Clown Prince of Crime has his own Joker brand wedding band from Manly Bands
Manly Bands

The Joker ring is the perfect nemesis to our Bruce Wayne ring. The 8mm wide ring is a domed Black Zirconium ring with a satin finish and Damascus Steel Inlay, with green accents. The Purple Sleeve also has the infamous “HAHAHA” of The Joker. If you want to symbolize your love for your partner while celebrating a homicidal maniac, who are we to judge?

The DC Comics Collection of wedding rings launches on the Manly Bands website with prices starting at $325. Each order will receive a complimentary silicone band and free shipping. For more information and to shop this collection, head on over to Manly Bands’ DC Collection page.

Originally published April 19, 2022.

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