7 Characters We Want to See in the GREEN LANTERN Series

The Green Lantern Corps will soon be shining their lights again in live-action, as HBO Max has officially greenlit (no pun intended) a Green Lantern series. Based on what we know so far, the show will focus on several well known members of the Corps from the pages of the comics: Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and the aliens Kilowog and Sinestro.

Notably missing are the most famous Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart. But rumors about that those two are being reserved for a Green Lantern Corpsbuddy cop” movie being developed alongside the series by Warner Bros. But that still leaves lots of Green Lanterns from the comics we want to see take the oath. Here are seven Emerald Warriors we hope to see pop up in this new series.

Kyle Rayner
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

DC Comics

The series’ list of names seems like a laundry list of exactly the most popular Green Lanterns you’d expect not named Hal Jordan or John Stewart. But there is one glaring omission: Kyle Rayner. He is the sole Green Lantern in the universe for years during a time the Corps is decimated. Later, the Corps gives him the nickname “the Torchbearer” for keeping the flame burning during the Corps’ darkest days. Hopefully his name not being included in the original report was an omission, because Kyle needs his time in the spotlight.

Jo Mullein
Jo Mullein in action

DC Comics

One of the most recent additions to the Green Lanterns mythos is Sojourner  “Jo” Mullein from Earth. Introduced only last year, she is an African-American woman recruited to keep the peace on a planet in sector of space so distant that it’s literally off the books. Most of the Green Lantern Corps don’t know the area even exists. Created for the series Far Sector, Jo is investigating a murder in a section of the universe where a homicide has not been committed for 500 years. The character’s visual look was based on the Afro-futuristic styles of singer/actress Janelle Monáe, so why not just get Monáe to play her?

Green Lantern Mogo

DC Comics

One of the coolest and weirdest members of the Green Lantern Corps is Mogo, who is also by far the biggest member. First created by Alan Moore way back in the day when he didn’t hate superheroes or comics, Mogo is actually a living and sentient planet. Who just so happens to be able to channel the green energy as well. (Talk about OP). In more recent comics, Mogo served as the home base for the Green Lantern Corps after the destruction of their longtime home planet of Oa. Superhero shows are adapting the weirdest aspects of the comics now, so why not Mogo?

Katma Tui
Katma Tui flexes

DC Comics

The planet Korugar is famous as the home to Sinestro, the only Green Lantern to go rogue and get dismissed from the Corps. Now, imagine having to replace that infamous Lantern on your home planet. That was Katma Tui’s job, who was tasked with redeeming her home planet’s reputation in the galaxy. Famously, she marries her fellow Lantern John Stewart and is eventually “fridged”—meaning killed off for the sake of her romantic partner’s storyline. But since John isn’t in this series, maybe TV can give Katma a better fate than the one she has in the comics.

Green Lantern Stel

DC Comics

Stel has a unique position in the Green Lantern Corps as its only non-organic lifeform. Millions of years before they created the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians of the Universe had a robotic army called the Manhunters. The Manhunter programming went all Terminator, and they killed organic life on a massive scale. Deactivated by their creators, the Guardians harbored a bias against A.I. But Stel was an exception to that rule. The robotic Lantern receives training from Sinestro, which is fodder for all kinds of interesting conflict down the line.

Boodikka wields an axe

DC Comics

Another ’90s era Lantern, Boodikka is a powerful Amazonian alien bounty hunter from the planet Bellatrix. Her defiant attitude made her an unlikely fit for the Corps, but she later proved her worth. Coming from a warrior culture, she relishes battle more than the average member. This caused a lot of friction with her fellow Lanterns. Boodikka proves how truly badass she is after losing her hand in battle. Instead of getting a robotic replacement, she actually created a new hand permanently out of pure will power.

7 Characters We Want to See in the GREEN LANTERN Series_7

DC Comics

Look, if Marvel can make us all accept and love an alien raccoon as a superhero, then DC can give us a lovable Green Lantern that’s a sentient chipmunk from outer space. Just please… let him keep his bow tie.

Featured Image: DC Comics

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