Watch Superman Fight His Nastier Pop Culture Counterparts

It seems the current trend in pop culture is to do evil versions of Superman. And we can understand why. What is scarier than a bad guy with all the powers of an alien god? On The Boys, we’ve got Homelander, a cross between Captain America and Superman, but a complete sociopath. On the animated series Invincible, the lead character’s father is a similarly homicidal Omni-Man. Even Superman and Lois has a dark, alternate Earth Superman.

But what if these guys took on the actual Man of Steel in a fight? And what if you threw in One-Punch Man for good measure?  YouTube channel Mightyraccoon! has created a short animated video that showcases this epic battle of the capes. You can watch Superman vs. Saitama vs. Homelander vs. Omni-Man Epic Battle! above. And may the best cape-wearing muscle-bound über being win!

Superman vs. Omni-Man in Mightyraccoon's super fight fan film.


The ultimate winner of the bloody brawl was maybe not who you were expecting, was it? Still, as much as we were rooting for the Man of Steel, I’m just glad that neither Homelander nor Omni-Man won. That would have been just way too depressing. Especially as those characters are still awaiting their comeuppance on their respective series. It might be just a fan film, but it was still fun to watch those two get their butts handed to them. In the bloodiest way possible too. Nice to see Henry Cavill in the cape and tights again though. Or at least, his animated counterpart.

MightyRaccoon! has other delightful animated brawl videos, including several Spider-Man knock-down, drag-out fights. There’s a Peter Parker vs. Miles Morales video, as well as Spidey vs. Venom. These are somewhat less on the bloody side. They’ve also got a great video showing Thanos vs. Darkseid, as Marvel’s Mad Titan takes on DC Comics’ own God of Evil (who inspired Thanos in the first place.) Visit the Mightyraccoon! channel to check them all out.

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