Wonder Woman Opens Amazon Packages With Batman’s Batarangs

What would you say is Wonder Woman’s greatest weapon? Her lasso of truth? Her bulletproof bracelets? Maybe her invisible plane? Well, what if we told you the weapon Wonder Woman uses most frequently isn’t one of her own, but one of the Dark Knight’s? As in, one of Batman’s iconic Batarangs. Okay, maybe it’s not Wonder Woman per se who used it, but Gal Gadot, the actress that has portrayed her in live-action for the past five years. And actually, she stole the Batarang from Batman!

During press for the Netflix film Red Notice, journalist Jake Hamilton asked Gadot if she had ever stolen a prop for any film set. An appropriate question, since she portrays an art thief in the movie. And it turns out, she actually stole one of Ben Affleck’s Batarangs from the set of Batman v. Superman. She claims she still uses the Batarang to open her Amazon boxes. Oh, and “Amazon” as in the website, not Amazon as in Princess Diana’s people from Themyscira. When it comes to Wonder Woman, the word does merit clarification. You can watch the full clip above.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League.
Warner Bros.

We must admit, we get a kick out of the thought of Wonder Woman using one of Batman’s signature weapons to do mundane, household tasks. We kind of hope that either Batman or Superman took one of Wonder Woman’s tiaras from the set and used it to feel fierce. Yes, it’s technically stealing, and stealing is wrong. But it would be very hard to resist taking a cool prop from a set. Especially a set from a superhero movie or sci-fi spectacle Like a Batman v. Superman. We’ll look the other way at your flagrantly criminal behavior this time, Wonder Woman. Just don’t make it a habit. Young kids do look up to you after all.

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