The Rapper Logic Bought This Charizard Pokémon Card for $183,000

Any kid from the early 2000s remembers Pokémon. The cute characters were the subject of trading card and video games, cartoons, merchandise, and more. And they were absolutely everywhere. So much so, that they’re still iconic and, most of all, nostalgic. Just ask rapper Logic. He should know, considering he just spent a whopping $183,000 on a single Pokémon card.

A Charizard Pokémon card that sold for $183,000 at auction to the rapper Logic.Iconic Auctions

On Friday, a rare Charizard card went up for auction on Iconic Auctions, where it was labeled a “crown jewel” of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The set price was $40,000, but after a round of bidding, it eventually went for $183,812 to Logic, which we found out about thanks to Polygon.

Logic took to Instagram to share the meaning behind this particular card and why he spent what he did on it.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved Pokémon but couldn’t afford the cards. I remember even trying to trade food stamps for theirs and now as an adult who has saved every penny he has made being able to enjoy something that I’ve loved since childhood now as a grown man is like buying back a piece of something I could never have, it’s not about the material it’s about the experience.
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What a lovely story! We’re so glad the card went to someone who will appreciate it in such a special way. And it looks like Logic’s purchase significantly increased the value of this particular Charizard Pokémon card. According to speculators at Cardhops, $183,000 is the highest amount anyone has ever paid for this specific card.

We’re always fascinated by auctions like these, where prized cards sell for enormous amounts of money. It’s nice to see rare Pokémon cards in the hands of people who know their value and will cherish them forever. That’s what collecting is all about, after all.

Featured Image: Iconic Auctions

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