Here Are Our Favorite Pop Culture Halloween Costumes This Year

November 1 is both a sad day and a glorious one for us here at Nerdist. Today marks the official end of the spooky season and our favorite time of year, as we bid adieu to another successful Nerdoween. But it’s not all bad, because this is also when we officially start planning for next year’s Halloween. (Yes, The Mayor of Halloween Town IS our personal hero.) Before we do though, we’re taking a look back at this year’s festivities, to celebrate some of our favorite costumes, the ones that spoke to our nerd-loving, pop culture hearts.

The Halloween King this year was the King of the Seas, as Aquaman himself Jason Momoa arrived in a killer Elvis Presley costume on Ellen.


Kelly Ripa did double duty this year with two fantastic duo costumes. She dressed as Morticia Addams alongside Mark Consuelos’ Gomez, and she also got in the groove with Ryan Seacrest as rollerskating Barbie and Ken.

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Happy Halloween from Gomez and Morticia and Barbie and Ken. #livehalloween #couplegoals

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Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes went :burp: as a gender-swapped version of the smartest man in the infinite universes, complete with a Rick and Morty portal gun.

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*pickle rick voice* I’M SEXY RICKKK (and yes that’s glitter on my chin for his ~iconic~ drool)

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Paul Rudd’s spot-on Weird Al costume would have been one of our favorites anyway, but the fact Ant-Man decided to wear this while his own daughter was dressed as The Wasp makes his getup even funnier.

Oh, yeah, that’s right. We almost forgot Heidi Klum wins Halloween every year because she’s a crazy person with her own special effects team.

We’re not the only ones who loved this Parks and Rec-inspired duo. Nick Offerman gave his personal stamp of approval to this amazing Ron Swanson/”All the eggs and bacon” combo.

You don’t need a Janet to know this family’s The Good Place ensemble will score them afterlife points, but D’Arcy Carden did make sure their good deed got recorded in the Book of Great Costumes.

As the kids say, “Eric Andre. That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

Imagine not loving Cardi B. We certainly can’t.

“Welcome… to the Ariana Grande Zone.”

Elizabeth Hurley killed (Bill) as The Bride in her iconic yellow motorcycle suit.

Presented without comment (but a slow approving nod).

But the absolute best might be Mariah Carey’s Tina Turner homage, because she also used it to help start preparing for the next big holiday.

It’s fine she’s focusing on Christmas now, but it’s November 1. We’re thinking about something much more important—our costumes for next Halloween. We only have 364 days to get ready.

Featured Image: The Ellen Show

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