Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox Trade Marvel Characters for Halloween

This Halloween, expect a lot of pint-sized (and not so pint-sized) Marvel heroes coming to your doorstep begging for candy. After all, in a year that gave us Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MCU has never been more popular. In fact, it’s so massively popular that actual MCU actors are also getting back into character for Halloween–only this time, there’s a twist.

For this spooky season, Loki himself, actor Tom Hiddleston, and Daredevil’s man without fear, Charlie Cox, recently greeted fans on the streets of New York City in full Marvel regalia. The twist here being that Hiddleston was the one in the Daredevil costume, and Cox was wearing the full Loki get up. Of course, these were store-bought costumes, and not their actual on screen outfits. But the effect is still pretty hilarious. Especially Charlie Cox in that Loki wig.

The two actors are currently working together on the Broadway stage for the play Betrayal, and have seemingly become fast friends. Hiddleston is such a big fan of his buddy Charlie Cox, that he recently gave the #SaveDaredevil Twitter campaign a little shout out. Here’s hoping some of that Loki magic works, as we think everyone would like one of the very best of the Marvel Netflix series to make some sort of comeback down the line. Whether that’s on Hulu or FX, we stand with Hiddleston in wanting Matt Murdock back on our televisions!

Hiddleston and Cox were joined by a pair of their co-stars from Betrayal on the Marvel Halloween fun as well. Actors Zawe Ashton and Eddie Arnold came out dressed up as Captain Marvel and Captain America, respectively. So for everyone who was bummed that Chris Evans shaved off his beard for Avengers: Endgame, Arnold has gifted us with a bearded Cap this year after all. 

Starting next year, Hiddleston will reprise his role of the Asgardian God of Mischief for an upcoming Disney+ series, appropriately titled Loki. The new show will follow the exploits of the version of Loki which got away in one of the many timelines we saw in Avengers: Endgame. No matter how many times it seems they kill Loki off, he keeps coming back more often than Michael Myers. And we are all the better for it, as Hiddleston has proven to be one of the main highlights of the MCU since his very first appearance in Thor back in 2011.

And despite the recent setback with the cancellation of his Netflix series, we hope that Charlie Cox somehow finds a way to get back into the red tights of Daredevil once more. His series was universally acclaimed, and breathed new life into the character. Although his adventures were probably a little too R-rated for the Disney+ service, we could see him showing up in some other way down the line. Here’s hoping this Halloween isn’t the last time that Cox gets suited up in proper Marvel fashion!

Images: Marvel Studios

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