The Vitamin String Quartet Perform Their Spooktacular Version of “This is Halloween”

Halloween is a mere few days away, and we are all now hopefully feeling the spirit. And none are in the Halloween frame of mind more so that the Vitamin String Quartet, who have released their rendition of “This is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The opening song from the classic animated film has become one of the main anthems of the season, and it is on almost every Halloween party playlist that’s worth its name.

Originally recorded a few years back, the Vitamin String Quartet have now released a music video for their cover of the song. Played in front an imposing (yet lovely) Victorian manor home, and filled with creepy wind up toy robots, the music video is a perfect visualization for the song in question. We would like to think that Jack Skellington himself would be proud.

But it’s not only the citizens of Halloweentown who are getting the love this spooky season from the VSQ. This year, the Vitamin String Quartet has been releasing several videos for some of their earlier spooky arrangements. They just released one for John Carpenter’s iconic theme to his own film Halloween. This video is shot in front of a stark white Victorian, with a very Michael Meyers-esque interpretative dancer.

Another that’s also very fitting is their take on The Walking Dead opening credits theme. This one sounds more like what we’re used to from the actual series, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. And once again, they’ve chosen an old Victorian-style home for the backdrop of their video. Appropriately enough, they shamble about in front of said mansion, just like the show’s titular undead. I guess when referencing zombies in your song, a good old zombie shuffle is kind of mandatory. Hopefully, we get a few more Halloween themed music videos from the VSQ before October 31 arrives.

A few years back, the Vitamin String Quarter also released an album of covers of several iconic horror themes called Blood Curdling Strings. Among them were the Halloween theme, but they also covered the music from classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, and several others. The Blood Curdling Strings album contains almost all of the great themes of horror films of yesteryear. So if you like what you hear in these videos, you definitely want to check these out. And we certainly would not mind seeing some more cool music videos to go along with those tracks!

The VSQ also have recorded other signature songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact, they recorded an entire album with their interpretations of the Danny Elfman score. And their string renditions add an extra layer of spooky to the songs. I can’t help but think any or all of these would be perfect to play at an Addams family wedding of some kind. Can’t you just see Morticia and Gomez renewing their vows with some of these songs playing in the background? If that wedding happens, we’d sure like an invite!

Header Image: Vitamin String Quarter

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