Lupita Nyong’o Surprised Horror Fans Dressed as Her US Character

There has always been something inherently unsettling about a red jumpsuit. It’s not that everyone who wears one is a sociopath, it’s just that between their utility and color scheme they inherently feel like the kind of clothing worn by people who spend a lot of time carving up remains. You know, the kind of people/psycho killers who inspire horror movies. It’s why red jumpers worked so perfectly as the de facto uniform for the Untethered in Jordan Peele’s Us. And no one was more terrifying dressed in that already iconic look than Lupita Nyong’o. The head of the forgotten doppelganger clan, the aptly named Red, was able to terrify us with nothing more than her clothes and a knowing stare. The mere idea of Red showing up at our own homes in the middle of the night to tell us about eating raw rabbit makes us shudder, so we don’t know how we would have reacted if we had been at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights this week, where Nyong’o surprised visitors by appearing as her character from Us.

The actress posted videos on Twitter of her participating in the amusement park’s annual Halloween exhibit, as part of this year’s Us themed section. We have to assume the park doesn’t typically employ actual Oscar winners in its live cast, so just a note to Universal: we would definitely—definitely—be willing to pay more to attend if you did.

Now while this is clearly amazing, don’t be so quick to assume it was all good. Yes, seeing Lupita Nyong’o as Red at a Halloween amusement park is better than anyone who went could have ever hoped for when they bought there ticket. But it was still really creepy. Seeing her dance in front of that underground schoolhouse to the movie’s haunting theme song is exactly the kind of thing that will haunt your dreams at night.

Yup, that was definitely way creepier than we would have guessed. However, it was not as disquieting as seeing her give us that awful Red smile while holding a paper cutout of people holding hands.

Oh, yes, we almost forgot the Untethered scared the crap out of us. We aren’t alone though. Know who else they frightened? Lupita Nyong’o. Before she got into her costume she went through the exhibit, and not even Red herself was immune to being terrorized by those awful red jumpsuits.

We hope this doesn’t sound cruel, but good! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE, LUPITA!

Having said that, please don’t listen to yourself—do more horror movies. And then show up in character when they get their own Hollywood Horror Night.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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