Musicians Behind ANIMAL CROSSING Theme Play a Delightful Concert

If you’re one of the many people who has spent their quarantine immersed in the cozy, comfortable world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons… you’re not alone. Aside from building your own community and shaping your island, one of the most soothing things about Animal Crossing is the background music that accompanies you on your daily island life. Perhaps sensing that we all need a little relaxation in our real lives, the musicians behind the game’s theme song came together for a virtual concert. And the result is heartwarming.

“Social distancing” concerts and readings have become the new norm, and it’s fun to see the people involved in Animal Crossing join the trend. Whether you prefer to listen to the calming music as you work or dance around to it while taking a break from life, the gentle sounds of string and percussion will definitely soothe you. It’s also really interesting to see just how many different instruments make up the seemingly simple tune—we counted a french horn, a cello, a ukulele, bongos, a tambourine, an egg shaker, and even an accordion. K.K. Slider makes it sound so easy!

musicians playing the animal crossing theme song


The video (which is also available on YouTube) is cleverly edited to show off what instruments are used, allowing all the musicians to shine. Seeing them bob their heads along to the music is just an added relaxation bonus. We never knew we needed such a wholesome video in our lives.

Since Animal Crossing came out in March, it’s not only become one of the most popular Nintendo games. It’s allowed players to exercise their creativity in epic ways, from cosplay to living out their horror dreams. Celebrities have even been getting in on the fun, visiting different islands to score those high turnip prices.

We may be forever in debt to Tom Nook, but that debt includes our happiness. Imagining a world where we don’t have the ability to escape into the popular Nintendo game honestly feels like The Bad Place.

Featured Image: YouTube/Nintendo

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