ANIMAL CROSSING Cosplay Is Your Daily Dose of Joy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still going strong, and for good reason. Its incredibly wholesome, relaxed vibe is sorely needed in these times of… well, you know. Whether you farm tarantulas and play the stalk market, trick out your island, or simply spend hours in the custom design editor, Animal Crossing has just the right thing to help you feel like you’re in a peaceful place for a little while.

Players worldwide have turned to their seemingly endless creativity to show their love for the forest of animal friends. Some create fan art of all kinds, some transform their islands into their favorite places, and others create cosplay. Glorious, adorable cosplay. Cosplayer Ginny Di put her own elegant spin on Label, one of the hardworking Able Sisters, and she looks ready to rocket launch her own high-end fashion label.

Animal Crossing Cosplay by Ginny Di

Label by Ginny Di Cosplay

Characters new to the franchise in New Horizons, like Orville and Wilbur of Dodo Airlines and new cat villager Raymond, are particularly popular cosplays. And we can’t get enough of them.

Here are just a few of our favorite costumes inspired by Animal Crossing and its personality-packed villagers and other colorful characters. Many of these cosplayers put together their colorful looks with just what they already had in their closets and makeup bags, making these costumes all that more impressive.

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And, this is Animal Crossing, so even some animals are getting in on the cosplay fun.

Who is your favorite villager, and why is it Bob? But seriously—tell us who it is (and why) in the comments!

Featured Image: Ginny Di

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