Challenge Yourself with a Puzzle That’s All the Same Color

Are you looking for a new stay at home challenge? Maybe you’ve blown through all the standard puzzles you have in the house and are craving something more difficult. Well, this might just be the gift for you. Tinyouth has released a completely white 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, for the true puzzle enthusiast (via Bored Panda). You can purchase one from Amazon.

Trying to put together a puzzle with 1,000 pieces that are all the same color would make most people scream in frustration and give up. Some of us are more intrepid than others though. Plus, if you complete this all white 1000 piece puzzle, you have bragging rights. So there’s that.

Pile of all white puzzle pieces


If this specific puzzle seems too intense for you, which let’s be honest, it is super intense, you could try Tinyouth’s 1,000 piece gradient puzzle instead. It would certainly still be a frustrating experience, but at least you can sort the pieces into color groups. You have a way of staying organized and not wanting to pull your hair out in anger. Tinyouth has a fairly good selection of different themed puzzles on Amazon (including an all black puzzle), although they are all 1,000 pieces.

White puzzle

If none of those appeal to you, may we suggest an entirely transparent puzzle? Or perhaps one that is over 51,000 pieces? Yes, you read that number correctly.

If puzzles aren’t your jam during quarantine, don’t stress. You can pass the time in other ways. Maybe with Jim Gaffigan’s cooking show. If you’re not into cooking, maybe Animal Crossing is for you. Now might be the perfect time to start building your own home and playing with others in the mega-popular social situation Nintendo game.

Whatever your creative preferences are right now, there’s an activity out there for everyone. Even if you don’t want to drive yourself mad with complicated puzzles.

Featured Image: Amazon

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