Jim Gaffigan Has the Best Quarantine Cooking Show

We love food, but we are absolutely sick of cooking. Being stuck inside and unable to go to restaurants means we’re forced to think of something for dinner every night. That’s hard enough to figure out for just us, and the more people who live in your house the more difficult the challenge. And those with young kids have our deepest sympathies. But you don’t have to hold yourself up to some ridiculous culinary standard just because you are practicing social distancing. Staying home doesn’t magically turn you into Gordon Ramsay. So forget tutorials and videos from gourmet chefs. Our favorite quarantine food show is comedian Jim Gaffigan‘s Let’s Get Cooking. It offers up the kind of recipes lazy hungry people need right now.

And it’s also really freaking funny.

Jim Gaffigan's Has the Best Quarantine Cooking Show_1Jim Gaffigan

Noted food expert/notorious eater Jim Gaffigan has roughly 37 children, and he’s been blessed to be home with them during social distancing. With so many mouths to feed, the popular standup comedian knows something about preparing dinner for discerning diners under less than ideal circumstances. That makes him the perfect choice to share quick meals, which he’s doing with his totally absurd, COVID-19 inspired YouTube series Let’s Get Cooking. It’s both a parody and sincere how-to show for people who aren’t interested in French dishes they can’t pronounce.

That includes “Leftover Hot Dogs and Eggs.”

Gaffigan also shared his recipe for the delicacy known as “Pork Sandwich.”

Jim Gaffigan’s children having absolutely zero interest in their famous dad’s silly cooking show makes it so much better. That’s also why we’ve been enjoying the quarantine livestreams of his massive family dinners he’s been sharing.

But there’s more to Let’s Get Cooking than just comedy. Did you know you can make macaroni and cheese by buying it and then heating it up in the oven. Amazing!

Even his less helpful videos, like how to make something called “toast,” have changed our lives. From now on we’re only calling bread “wet flour.”

We love watching YouTube videos and Food Network cooking shows featuring professional chefs. But they aren’t always something we can pull off. Especially now when we are sick of cooking. But like Jim Gaffigan we never get sick of eating. So we need all the leftover hot dog recipes we can get.

Featured Image: Jim Gaffigan

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