Kodak’s Giant New Puzzle is a Staggering 51,300 Pieces

Puzzles are proving to be especially popular during a global pandemic. It makes sense. They’re challenging and can take days to complete, offering a fun, easy way to fill a lot of free time. And you can fill a LOT of free time if you decide to tackle a giant puzzle, like the mammoth 42,000+ piece one we recently told you about. It took a year to finish, and the time-lapse video of it being worked on genuinely gave me anxiety. But if you are a crazy person looking for an even larger conquest because you never plan on leaving your home again, Kodak’s new gorgeous (and monstrous) 51,300-piece behemoth will occupy your social distancing time, no matter how long it lasts.

Kodak's Giant New Puzzle is a Staggering 51,300 Pieces_1Kodak

Kodak’s “ World’s Largest Puzzle” (which we heard about at Bored Panda) celebrates “the heritage of Kodak and beautiful photography” with 27 individual puzzles that interconnect into one giant colorful collection. Each puzzle features a professional photographer’s digitally enhanced image of a famous spot from around the globe, printed in high quality. Some of the landmarks include the Statue of Liberty, Venice, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Taj Mahal.

Kodak's Giant New Puzzle is a Staggering 51,300 Pieces_2Kodak

When all 51,300 pieces are in place, the entire puzzle comes in at a mind-numbing 28.5 feet x 6.25 feet. You might have to move all the furniture out of one room to have enough space for it.

However, you also have the option of just doing each puzzle on its own. All 27 individual images are separately packaged into their own 1,900 piece puzzles (each is 39 inches x 24 inches). But obviously some lunatics out there will go ham and refuse to work on them individually. They’re going to take all 27 puzzles and mix them all together in a giant bag. The thought of that makes me nauseous, but I respect the hustle. However, they should still use the image reference poster that comes with the set.

Kodak's Giant New Puzzle is a Staggering 51,300 Pieces_3Kodak

This mega puzzle also comes with a mega price tag—$599.95. It’s available at Amazon, Serious Puzzles, and Puzzle Warehouse.

Header Image: Kodak

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