This Transparent Puzzle Looks Insanely Difficult

With all of us in our pandemic-induced quarantines, we’ve had to resort to many different ways to amuse ourselves indoors. Something that’s become increasingly popular, especially among families, is the good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle. But given the amount of time we are going to be stuck inside, some of these puzzles of pastoral landscapes and swimming dolphins might not be hard enough for some, and just completed too quickly.

Well, thanks to a report from Laughing Squid, we’ve now learned about a jigsaw puzzle that’ll be keeping you busy for quite some time. Because it’s actually transparent.

This Transparent Puzzle Looks Insanely Difficult._1

The Little Flower Pot Shop

This insanely difficult puzzle comes from the folks at the Little Flower Pot Shop, and was made to be as challenging as humanly possible. The puzzle comes in different degrees of difficulty, with various sizes and number of pieces within the box. But the size of the finished puzzles are always the same, coming in a 6×6 footprint. Considering how easy it is to lose regular jigsaw puzzle pieces though, this sucker is going to need extra attention just for that reason alone. And if you are attempting this with kids and/or pets in your home, then we wish you the very best of luck.

The puzzle can now be pre-ordered on Etsy, and will only set you back $16.99. The puzzles will start shipping out at the beginning of  June. If all goes well, we’ll be out of quarantine by then. But if heaven forbid we are not, now we’ll have a new way to keep us crazy busy for hours and hours while being trapped inside. And if you manage to finish it and glue it all together, when you end up hanging it proudly on your wall, you can always tell people  it’s a lovely picture of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

Featured Image: The Little Flower Pot Shop

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